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UKSA in aimZine

Eric Chalker, UKSA's director of administration, appears in the May edition of aimZine, the online magazine for the AIM community.

Eric writes about the work UKSA does and its relevance in the today's financial markets.

Registration for aimZine is free. You can read Eric's article here.

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UKSA Publishes Manifesto

A booklet entitled Responsible investing - for the Individual and for Society was published by UKSA at the beginning of 2010. This has been widely welcomed in the press, who have commended it for the attention of all political parties as they develop their own policies in the run up to the election. A pdf version will be available on this web site in early February 2010, but in the meantime, please contact our office.

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Report on Lloyds Shareholder Meeting

A report on the Lloyds Shareholder Meeting held in London on the 31st October and copies of the presentations given there and also on "Shareholder Activism in the Banking Sector" are available here.

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Renew your membership

Renewing your UKSA membership is quick and easy, ensuring uninterrupted access to all the advantages of membership.

Responsible Investing



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