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Origin and Structure

UKSA was formed to provide private shareholders with a voice, influence and an opportunity to meet like-minded fellow investors. It is structured as a non-profit making company with annual subscriptions. An elected Chairman and Board of Directors monitor a regional organisation. Each region benefits from oversight by an elected regional Chairman and Committee. The Memorandum and Articles of the UK Shareholders' Association Ltd act as the "constitution" of the Association. The By-laws can be found here.

Main Objectives

The activities are wide-ranging but we have two prime interests:

  • We examine, and take action on, issues affecting investors, particularly where regulation or legislation is involved.
  • We build relationships with selected companies trading on the FTSE and AIM stock markets. This includes attending company presentations similar to those provided to City analysts and institutional investors.

Additionally, members can set up their own regular meetings for any defined purpose connected to the aims of the Association. The Croydon and Purley Group, for example, has met on a monthly basis for the past ten years .

We have recently (2020) launched a new initiative - 'Savers Take Control' - to increase public awareness of our key issues and so develop political pressure for action.

The Magazine

Members receive a bi-monthly magazine - “ The Private Investor”. Articles are prepared by UKSA members and cover such subjects as shareholder rights, policy issues, investment prospects, boardroom pay, connections with the EU etc.


Subscriptions are £25 for the first year and £50 annually thereafter. The reduced level for the first year is designed to allow new members easy access on an introductory basis.

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Renewing your UKSA membership is quick and easy, ensuring uninterrupted access to all the advantages of membership.

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