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A new website for UKSA

UKSA's new website has now gone live. As well as a more modern look and feel, it includes vital features such as full-site searching. It has also been optimised for mobile phones and tablets.

The content will be enriched steadily over the coming weeks.

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‘The Equity Release Trap’ on BBC Radio 4

Members will hopefully have listened to the BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘The Equity Release Trap’ which was broadcast on Tuesday 7th August. UKSA member Dr Dean Buckner was interviewed during the programme.

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Update to Savers Take Control page

Martin White has posted new content under the Savers Take Control tab. This includes a downloadable version of his PowerPoint presentation, together with presenter's notes, and copies of his articles from the April 2018 edition of The Private Investor.

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Renew your membership

Renewing your UKSA membership is quick and easy, ensuring uninterrupted access to all the advantages of membership.

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