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John Hunter

John Hunter


John Hunter MA FCCA is retired after a career in financial and analytical roles and as Company Secretary for a FTSE100 company. His experience includes investor relations and financial leadership in both UK and US. He wrote the original financial advice website HonestMoneyNow, since adopted by UKSA for teaching the fundamentals of financial capability. John is a former director and chairman of UKSA.

General articles in The Private Investor

A lesson in consumer protection: the Stronger Nudge

Issue 215 January 2022 Page 3

Placings and pre-emption: a child's guide

Issue 210 February 2021 Page 6 

Michelmersh Brick Holdings – a cautionary tale about modern accounting

Issue 208 August 2020 Page 8#

The nominee issue then & now 

Issue 207 August 2020 Page 7

A personal story

Issue 205 April 2020 Page 8

Structured products – an expose

Issue 203 December 2019 Page 5

Responsible investing – 10 years on

Issue 202 October 2019 Page 6

Stop losses, fact or fantasy?

Issue 202 October 2019 Page 14

HonestMoneynow – an Introduction

Issue 201 August 2019 Page 1

Persimmon: end in sight 

Issue 197 December 2018 Page 8

Reflections by the former Chairman

Issue 194 June 2018 Page 3

Protecting New Pensioners

Issue 193 April 2018 Page 14

Persimmon LTIP hits mainstream media

Issue 192 January 2018 Page 14

Executive pay: the government’s blind eye

Issue 190 September 2017 Page 6

William Bernstein – an appreciation Issue

Issue 187 March 2017 Page 9

Directors' pay – what's to be done?

Issue 182 May 2016 Page 12

Death of voting?

Issue 181 March 2016 Page 4

Why I joined UKSA

Issue 178 September 2015 Page 5


Critique of IFRS. 

Accountancy has lost its way

Issue 196 October 2018 Page 8

Who guards the guards? The governance behind IFRS

Issue 198 February 2019 Page 8

IFRS: Act 2 

Issue 199 April 2019 Page 8



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