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Bill Brown


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UKSA was immensely saddened to learn that Bill passed away on 31 December 2022. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. We will pay tribute to Bill in our next Newsletter.

After a lifetime career in international banking and trustee business, including senior management positions in London, Bermuda, Toronto, Jersey and Guernsey, Bill completed his career in Gibraltar, where he was appointed by the Foreign Office as the first Financial Services Commissioner, charged with introducing the regulation of banks and other financial and investment firms.

Bill was a founder member of several financial services associations in Jersey and Guernsey, President of the local centres of The Chartered Institute of Bankers in both islands, a Fellow and Member of the Council of the CIOB and for several years Chief Examiner of the Associateship Examination "Offshore Practice and Administration", which he created and about which he wrote a handbook for interested professionals.

Bill's book "The Decline and Fall of Banking" was published in August 2009.

Bill was a prodigious writer on the subject of the failed bank Northern Rock. His previous articles were published in The Private Investor. The archive of articles is being transferred here, to provide a detailed resource all in one place.


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