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UKSA calls for independent thinkers to join us to change the savings investment chain for the better.

This may take a generation – too many vested interests, contributing too much in tax revenues, will make it so – but is vital to the long-term economic health and social cohesion of the UK.

The government’s tepid response to its own initiative for corporate governance reform – fundamental to removing the runaway train of executive remuneration and the stranglehold of short-term thinking on corporate strategy – indicates that there will be no effective change without new energy.

The essence of this new approach is that savers themselves must take control of the investment chain. It carries the banner Savers Take Control. Martin White, UKSA Director, laid out the issues in September 2017 at a symposium of the Transparency Task Force.

Martin's PowerPoint presentation, together with the full presenter's notes, can be downloaded here

Alternatively, a PDF of the presentation (without notes) can be viewed here

Martin's articles on Savers Take Control from the April 2018 edition of The Private Investor can be found here

If you would like to contribute to the future of saving, e-mail Martin White

You can register your interest in  STC and receive further information by occasional email by clicking here. There is no fee for this, and we will not share your details with anyone else.

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