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Savers Take Control (STC) is:

  • a campaign to create public awareness of the way the savings industry operates …… 
  • ….. to generate the political force for change
  • ….. and restore the rights and influence for good of the private investor

‘Savers’:  because we aim to reach not just current investors but all those who should be investors, or may become investors, or are investors without knowing it through intermediaries.

‘Take’: because entrenched and powerful interests will never give up their privileged position. It has to be taken.

‘Control’: …. to the extent granted by law to shareholders and denied to investors by intermediation.


Intellectual argument over 30 years has achieved very little. To achieve anything we must apply political pressure. We must build a populist movement to support the intellectual case.

This needs two things:

  • Build trust                                       {to see how we build trust click here}
  • Build public understanding             {to see how we build public understanding click here}

To build trust we will be:

  • Independent
  • Professionally competent


  • We will be funded by membership fees and donations only
  • We will disclose all potential conflicts of interest

Professional competence

  • We will attract some members who are distinguished in relevant fields to be our Champions
  • We will retain and enhance our capacity to respond to technical consultations with professional bodies, regulators and government

To build public understanding

  • We offer basic guidance aimed at those with little prior understanding of the savings landscape
  • We will enhance public awareness at every opportunity

Basic guidance

  • We support a basic guidance website, HonestMoneyNow
  • We will support education programmes aimed at young investors

Public awareness

  • We will be active in social media, print media and public debate


People are key. Campaigning for the cause will produce supporters in the following categories:

  • Champions, who are invited members with a distinguished and independent reputation whose endorsement verifies competence and independence.
  • Volunteers, with skills they are prepared to offer the organisation unpaid
  • Members, who pay a membership fee and have access to all membership benefits and voting rights
  • Supporters, who may make donations but do not claim membership benefits


All income is derived from member fees and donations.

Current actions and forward plans

Details to be provided.


The essence of this new approach is that savers themselves must take control of the investment chain. It carries the banner Savers Take Control. Martin White, UKSA Director, laid out the issues in September 2017 at a symposium of the Transparency Task Force.

Martin's PowerPoint presentation, together with the full presenter's notes, can be downloaded here

Alternatively, a PDF of the presentation (without notes) can be viewed here

Martin's articles on Savers Take Control from the April 2018 edition of The Private Investor can be found here

Details of Martin's presentation to the Department of Mathematics at the University of Liverpool in June 2019, entitled "Aspects of stewardship: wealth creation, working lives, wealth extraction - the needs, the education and empowerment of individuals, and the relevance and contribution of the actuarial profession" can be found here

If you would like to contribute to the future of saving, e-mail Martin White

You can register your interest in  STC and receive further information by occasional email by clicking here. There is no fee for this, and we will not share your details with anyone else.

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