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Mohammed Amin

Mohammed Amin

Although Amin is a member of UKSA’s Policy Team, he writes here in a personal capacity.

Mohammed Amin MBE FRSA MA FCA AMCT CTA (Fellow) has a mathematics degree, and is a chartered accountant, chartered tax adviser, and an associate member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers. Before retirement, he was a tax partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has been investing since the mid-1970s, and writes regularly for UKSA and elsewhere.


Articles published in The Private Investor (newest first)


Monitoring investments with Excel – Part 2 – TPI 215 Page 2

This instalment explained how to do arithmetic with dates, and also absolute and relative cell references.


Monitoring investments with Excel – Part 1 – TPI 214 Page 8

As someone who has used spreadsheets for 40 years, Amin commenced a series of articles to share how he uses Excel to monitor his investments. This first instalment explained how to compute an internal rate of return when you know the current value of an investment and also know its original cost and date of purchase.


How I became a quantitative investor – TPI 214 Page 6

Amin explained the difference between qualitative investing and quantitative investing, and the reasons he has gradually changed to become a quantitative investor. He also shared his results to date.


What would restore your trust in audit and corporate governance? – TPI 213 Page 6

UKSA responded, jointly with ShareSoc, at length to the BEIS consultation document “Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance.” Amin reproduces the key messages from our response as well as describing how the consultation response (which he led) was put together.


Give shares to charity instead of money – TPI 212 Page 8

Amin explained the tax rules about giving cash or listed shares to charity, and why it often makes more sense to give shares rather than cash.


Lifetime ISAs – free money from the Government – TPI 211 Page 10

Amin explained why, if you comply with the rules, taking out a lifetime ISA means you get some money from the Government which really is absolutely free. He has been helping his children to fund their lifetime ISAs since the scheme was first introduced.


The impact of capital gains tax on investment decisions – TPI 211 Page 2

Amin give a numerical example to show how, over a long period of time, the deferral of capital gains tax from holding investments inside a collective investment scheme wrapper makes a major difference to your final outcome.


When accounting standards are correct in theory but dangerous in practice – TPI 210 Page 2

Accounting for insurance contracts, governed by IFRS 17, sounds esoteric. Amin gave some simple numerical examples to show the impact of using different rates to  discount future cash flows, and the dangers lurking in IFRS 17’s methods for determining such rates.


Personal finance 101 – advice for children and friends – TPI 209 Page 10

Amin sets out his view of the absolute basics of personal finance, in nine short points, which he recommends tackling in the order listed.


How private equity executives pay less tax on their earnings than the rest of us – TPI 209 Page 9

A short explanation of “carried interest” as used in the private equity world, and how it is taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income.


Changing auditors’ responsibility for detecting fraud – TPI 208 Page 10

Amin tackles the “expectation gap” between what shareholders, creditors, employees and journalists think that auditors should be doing, and what auditors consider they are actually required to do. He proposes making auditors responsible for detecting collusive management fraud.


Making auditors completely independent – TPI 198 Page 14

Amin explains what causes auditors to forget their true role, and recommends taking the appointment of auditors away from companies and handing it to an independent regulator.


Report on Financial Reporting Council Annual Open Meeting 19 October 2016 – TPI 185 Page 13

Amin demonstrates how attending such events increases UKSA’s influence.


Why I always vote against trading company share buyback authorisations – TPI 183 Page 6

Amin covers the reasons usually offered for company share buybacks. He illustrates how they harm continuing shareholders when companies overpay, which he considers frequently happens.


Why you should encourage share buybacks by investment trusts – TPI 182 Page 9

Amin explains how share buybacks by investment trusts at a price below net asset value benefit continuing shareholders.


The EU Audit Directive and Audit Regulation – Implications for Private Shareholders – TPI 181 Page 12

Although the UK has left the EU, much of the thinking underlying this directive is similar to the thinking of UK regulators.



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