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UKSA publishes its position on Dematerialisation

Since CREST and shares dematerialisation was introduced in the 1990s, shareholders’ rights have been eroded through intermediation. Following recent stock markets reviews, UKSA believes the UK may reverse this trend through using technology better and improved government regulation.

Martin White wins prestigious Frank Redington Prize

UKSA is delighted to report that Martin White has won the prestigious Frank Redington Prize awarded by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).

Martin submitted the winning paper answering the following competition brief:

The death of Queen Elizabeth II

The Directors of the UK Shareholders’ Association are deeply saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen was our monarch during the period when the foundations of modern Britain’s economy were built. The new King continues a great responsibility and we join with the nation in our support for his new reign, and hopefully for another great era for our country.

Forced to pay £1,000s for conflicted pension advice!

Advisers who act as salesmen for financial firms should be banned from offering advice on defined benefit pension transfers.

The 24 April paper edition of the Sunday Times continues to follow the outrageous treatment of UKSA members Julie and Chris Thorpe.  

The article by Ali Hussain reports on UKSA's call for a ban after an adviser changed a recommendation following the client's request to move her pension to a cheaper rival having no tied relationship with the adviser's firm.

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