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'Better Finance'

The UK Shareholders’ Association (UKSA) is a member of the Europe-wide representative body called EuroFinuse, which markets itself and is better known as Better Finance for All, or simply Better Finance. Its predecessor was Euroshareholders, but now it advocates and defends the interests of all personal financial service users at European level.

UKSA’s representatives work closely with staff in Brussels to achieve legislative and regulatory reforms of benefit to private investors here in the UK. This is increasingly important as so much of our legislation is driven and influenced by what comes out of the European Union. Helen Gibbons, UKSA director for Europe, sits on the Board of Better Finance.

We also applaud the research and publicity efforts of Better Finance to expose the way in which savers and investors are manipulated and exploited by the financial services industry. It has produced some illustrative videos of these issues which can be viewed on its website. Another remarkable initiative – widely reported in the media, including the influential Financial Times – is its 2014 edition of Pension Savings: The Real Return , which shockingly exposes the fact that British pension savers have received the worst treatment in Europe, actually suffering negative returns.

Better Finance has produced four videos intended to highlight issues faced by individual investors and savers. View them on its website. Also see a press release of May 2015, Return Capital Markets to Their Natural Participants and a briefing paper of the same date, An EU Capital Market Union for Growth, Jobs and Citizens .


Articles by Helen Gibbons

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