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Response to Law Commission

UKSA and ShareSoc have submitted a joint response to the law Commission’s call for evidence on intermediated securities.

This deals primarily with securities held by an intermediary or nominee on behalf of the beneficial shareholder. The full response, submitted on 5th November 2019, can be found here.

UKSA and ShareSoc meet with the law Commission to discuss concerns about individual shareholder disenfranchisement

The Law Commission is consulting with stakeholders on intermediated securities (the system of nominee and beneficial shareholders). Following the initial consultation the Commission will implement a scoping study which will provide an accessible account of the law, a description of the corporate governance and other legal issues associated with intermediated securities and an assessment of whether the issues cause difficulties in practice. It will also aim to develop a consensus about issues to be addressed in the future.

UKSA and ShareSoc submit a joint response to the FCA on Sector Views

The Financial Conduct Authority’s Sector Views publication provides its annual analysis of the changing financial landscape, the resulting impacts on consumers and market effectiveness. This analysis will feed into the FCA Business Plan 2019/20.

Although the Sector Views are not a consultation, the FCA are interested in the views of stakeholders on its findings. ShareSoc & UKSA made a joint submission. The main points we made were:

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