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Martin White


My part of the proceedings starts 1 hour 30 mins into the video.  Prior to that there were discussions of three pensions-related essays, which were equally commended by the judges.  The Redington Prize competition had two parts, pensions and the more general one in which I was awarded first prize.  It is a little hard to hear John Kay as his sound level was set rather low.  Sorry about that.

Whilst all the details of the Redington Prize competition can be found on the IFoA web site, the search functionality on that site can be a bit patchy, which is why we have put links on this (UKSA) web site.  See <here> (put link Martin White wins prestigious Frank Redington Prize | UKSA )

The Redington results were announced on 20 October 2022.  Following that, I was prompted by a Treasury Consultation on disclosure of information by financial service providers to write a very hard-hitting submission.  This hasn’t attracted much media attention to date, but it can be found here on the  UKSA web site by following this link:- “My reluctant conclusion: the interests of consumers do NOT come first in practice” | UKSA


My most recent published item was in the Financial Times, 16 June 2023.  The text is reproduced here:-

“Savers can band together to escape clutches of financial advisers

From Martin White, Director, UK Shareholders’ Association, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, UK

Your columnist Moira O’Neill issues a timely call to arms with her piece on the financial advice industry (“Financial coaching: bridging a gap or a new danger?”, FT Money, FT Weekend, June 3)

The sector appears to be heading for another scandal, while the regulator – bedevilled by the conflict between protecting consumers and supporting the industry that profits from those same consumers – is once again facing in the wrong direction.

A key indicator is that nowhere in the four different government-sponsored bodies that profess to offer financial guidance is there an explanation of the compounding consequences of ad valorem charges. Avoiding such fees is the most important part of managing long-term money. Charging such fees is the key to the profitability of much of the advice and wealth management industry.

Financial coaching, which is unregulated, is an exciting (for the consumer) development, with charging by the hour. This eliminates such conflicts of interest that financial advisers thrive on, and should help to build trust.

Our organisation is an independent membership organisation supported entirely by volunteers. It promotes financial learning through its free-to-all website HonestMoneyNow which is directed at precisely the issue the article identifies: it aims to give consumers financial confidence. And a lesson in compounding is included!

We believe the best hope for savers and investors is to band together to freely help each other, with people currently working in the financial sector not involved.

And we suspect that among the FT’s readership there are more than a few people who have worked in the financial sector in the past, who do have the necessary knowledge, and would like to give something back, to the great benefit of younger generations.

Martin White Director, UK Shareholders’ Association Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, UK”



21 July 2023 – some reflections following a piano course (!!)

I have just attended a week’s piano course.  A mixture of amateur pianists, piano teachers, and students studying at music college.  A wide range of ages too.  Many colleagues on this course expressed an interest in the work I am doing with UKSA to help the general public in relation to finances, and this has prompted me to write a piece here with them in mind.  Watch this space!


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