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Selected Articles


Below is a selection of educational articles from our member's magazine (The Private Investor - 'TPI') since 2016. The earlier links reference the articles direct; links since 2019 reference the complete magazine. Recent articles are available to members only.

All TPIs except the most recent can be found at Publications/The Private Investor 

Lifetime ISAs - free money from the government

By Mohammed Amin, TPI April 2021, page 10

Placings and pre-emption: a child's guide

By John Hunter, TPI February 2021, page 6

Fund charges and discounts - a fine dogs' dinner

By Peter Parry, TPI June 2020, page 6

Inheritance Tax - more ideas

By Roy Colbran, TPI February 2020, Page 11

Stop-losses, fact or fantasy?

By John Hunter, TPI October 2019, page 14

Inheritance Tax Simplification - second report

By Roy Colbran, TPI August 2019, Page 10

The Yield Curve: what is it?

by Rob McDonald, TPI April 2019, Page 17

Inheritance Tax Simplification - first report

By Roy Colbran, TPI February 2019, Page 11


The investment platforms market - pay attention class!

by Peter Parry, August 2018 

Investing in newly listed Companies

by John Mulligan, January 2018

Independent Financial Advisers - how unbiased are they?

by Peter Parry, December 2017

William Bernstein - a lesson in investment fundamentals

by John Hunter, March 2017

Investment Trusts: a primer Part 3

by Roy Colbran, March 2017

Investment Trusts: a primer Part 2

by Roy Colbran, January 2017

Investment Trusts: a primer Part 1

by Roy Colbran, November 2016

Why I always vote against trading company share buyback authorisations

by Mohammed Amin, July 2016

More on Investment Trusts

by Roy Colbran, July 2016

Investment Trusts - some random thoughts

by Roy Colbran, May 2016

Why you should encourage share buybacks by investment trusts

by Mohammed Amin, May 2016


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