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Capital gains tax and stamp duty

Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has recently been consulting on Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty. UKSA and ShareSoc have submitted joint responses to each of these consultations.

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Response to the IASB’s consultation on ED General Presentation and Disclosures

UKSA and ShareSoc have responded to the IASB’s consultation on “ED General Presentation and Disclosures”, part of their Primary Financial Statements project and focusing on proposed changes to mainly the statement of profit or loss, leaving statements of cash flows and balance sheets to later stages. This consultation is important to shareholders as users of financial statements and especially of the statements of profit or loss to understand an organisation's main business activities and financial performance.

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Shenanigans in Siberia: the Petropavlovsk Saga and Why Retail Investors Matter

One of UKSA’s key beliefs, as well as ShareSoc’s, is that private investors are important and their voice needs to be heard. The current, for want of a better word, shenanigans, at Petropavlovsk (POG) gives private investors a key role in determining the future of a company. Peter Parry from UKSA and Paul de Gruchy from ShareSoc take up the story. Paul is a shareholder in Petropavslovsk and notes that it is one of his favourite shares for trading.
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Response to FRC discussion on using technology to enhance audit quality

Back in March 2020, in the context of various audit reform reviews and to help with their audit policy, the FRC felt the need to open up the discussion on the use of technology in audits to a wider range of stakeholders than regulators, standard setters and audit practitioners. UKSA and ShareSoc thought it was important to respond to this consultation from the point of view of a main consumer of statutory audits, private investors in shares in companies. UKSA’s and ShareSoc’s response, which was submitted to the FRC on 17th July 2020, can be found here.

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