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UKSA appoints a new chairman and a new director

We are very pleased to announce that Colin Colvin has been elected as the new chairman of UKSA.

Colin brings a wealth of experience gained over a long career in business, particularly in the Logistics sector. He has also served as chairman of the Board and Council of Governors of a University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and chair at Airport Services Limited. Colin is an active investor whose investment strategy is to maintain a balanced portfolio including cash and fixed returns, direct equities and managed fund arrangements.

We are also delighted to announce that Sue Milton has been appointed as a director of UKSA.

Sue is the owner and managing director of SSM Governance Associates, providing advice, training and support aimed at good governance to build and retain corporate sustainability. She also focuses on cyber security management. Sue is an active investor, running a mixed portfolio diversified by company size and age, region, sector, and by different types of portfolio management – personally managed, managed by fund managers and some held in nominee accounts. This approach helps spread risk and allows Sue to keep a check on just how equitable the treatment towards different investments and investors is.

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