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Mercer says managers should pay to run clients' money

Mercer, an influential provider of advice for pension schemes, has said asset managers should pay investors to run their portfolios and provide performance guarantees instead of earning fees regardless of the returns.

This is according to the Financial Times, whose report (paywall) can be found here.

KIDs: a good idea, embarrassingly executed

An article by John Kay for the Financial Times reveals a nonsense in the Key Issue Document (KID) that is now mandatory for all funds. It raises a question mark over the competence of all those involved in its design and approval.

Carillion: that's what you get when prudence is abandoned

UKSA has signed a letter to the Financial Times exposing once again the hole at the heart of modern accounting: the loss of the prudence principle.

In this case, the weakness is in the accounting standard governing revenue recognition. In other cases (and maybe here also) it has been in acquisition accounting. Who knows what else is hidden away in the ungainly structure that has grown over the years around a flawed set of premises?

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