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Redde Plc: another AIM review by UKSA

This company was born out of Helphire which hit hard times following the financial crash. It seems to be making good progress now but what business is it really in? Is it a provider of outsourced services to the insurance industry or is it a good old-fashioned car-fleet management business?

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Clinigen Group PLC: another AIM review by UKSA

This is a fast-growing provider of generic pharmaceutical products. From an investor’s standpoint, however, one would like to hear how the rapid increase in revenues can be turned into increased profitability by increasing Gross Margins – which is likely to mean changing the product mix, putting pressure on suppliers, increasing prices, or a mixture of all of these.

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James Halstead Plc: another AIM review by UKSA

This long-established family firm has a reputation for good management. The balance sheet looks exceptionally strong with cash and debtors of £78m and current liabilities of just £26m, which includes a £25m pension deficit. But is the financial management of the company too conservative or is it an excellent investment for investors who like to sleep easily at night?

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