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The Volkswagen scandal : information from Better Finance

DSW, the German shareholder protection association, gave a TARGET=_blank>detailed account of the current situation and the means by which individual shareholders can seek redress.

There are two potentially viable routes for seeking redress:

UKSA South-West Region holds Christmas bash

The traditional feast of ideas and Christmas food maintained the region's reputation for sociability and investment smarts. Next meeting for members March 1st.

It was billed as a feast of investment ideas and Christmas food and it was.

UKSA at the London Investors Show

UKSA again supports The London Investor Show on 23 October 2015 at London Novotel Hammersmith - Stand D23
Open Q & A session hosted by UKSA at 16.15 in conference room 2

Shareholders are being misled by faulty remuneration reporting requirements

UK Shareholders’ Association directors are seriously concerned about faults in company reporting regulations concerning information about executive remuneration and apparent failures by the appropriate authorities to monitor actual remuneration reporting practices.

Two major house-builders are the immediate cause.

UKSA’s policy team has discovered some shocking facts.

• The latest Persimmon report does not reveal that, under a 2012 LTIP, whose performance condition is now 99% certain to be achieved, 4 directors will receive £142m.

A Capital Markets Union for the EU

What part do private investors have in the EU’s plans for a ‘capital markets union’ (CMU)? They may have to fight to be heard, because they are thought to be too risk averse and short-term oriented.

Three representatives of the UK Shareholders’ Association (UKSA) attended a conference in Brussels on 6th May to hear a series of eminent speakers, including the new financial commissioner, Lord Hill, discuss what CMU is likely to involve.

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