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Peter is a former UKSA Policy Director and remains part of the Policy Team. He is also an active investor who contributes regularly to 'The Private Investor'. He has been investing for over forty-five years and now has a diversified portfolio, most of which consist of direct holdings in companies rather than in managed funds. His investment policy is one of trying to identify sound, well-managed companies and investing for the long term. A small proportion of the portfolio is allocated to more speculative investments.

April 2021 The Greensill saga - a purchasing manager’s perspective

December 2018

To split or not to split – should auditors sell nonaudit services?

October 2018

The FRC, Kingman, auditors and an elephant or two in the room?

August 2018

Audit – is it fit for purpose?

August 2018

The investment platforms market – pay attention class!

June 2018

The Big Issue – or where next for the corporate
June 2018 Beaufort Securities – a gathering storm
April 2018 Stewardship at Persimmon
January 2018 Lifting the Lid on the FRC
January 2018 RBS Shareholder Committee update
November 2017 Financial Reporting Council
November 2017 Independent Financial Advisors – how unbiased are they?
November 2017 Making tomorrow a better place
September 2017 The Strategic Report - something to get you thinking
March 2017 That Green Paper
January 2017 Gaga - or Garbage, In Garbage Out
January 2017 RBS gets resolution supported by UKSA
November 2016 FRC Conference: Culture to Capital
September 2016 Policy Director to media junkie - my new addiction
September 2016 AIM Company reports – an unexpected accolade!
July 2016 Annual Reports: an Opportunity Lost?
May 2016 Policy matters; but how much when it comes to directors’ pay?
November 2015 Whose_culture_is_it_anyway?
July 2015 Boardroom pay and the pretence of shareholder governance


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