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A selection of recent editions of UKSA's member magazine The Private Investor may be viewed here. Members may download the latest editions in the Members Area.

The Private Investor Issue 208

  •  Long-term investment returns – are we all being too complacent?
  • Financial promotions – a case study in how not to delegate
  • Update on the STAR Share Screening methods
  • News from the South-West – Victoria plc and ThinkSmart
  • Changing auditors’ responsibility for detecting fraud
  • Think tanks: the quest for truth
  • Savers Take Control update: making sure people understand the truth about expenses
  • Update on London and South East
  • Extreme weather climate investment risk

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The Private Investor Issue 207

  • The Fear Factor might damage our investments
  • Savers Take Control update
  • Latest twist in the Unilever saga
  • Michelmersh Brick Holdings plc
  • Introducing Anastasia Ouzouni
  • Another cautionary tale
  • How did the investment industry get so rich?
  • Ethical investing and the plastics pollution plague
  • The Wirecard debacle
  • The hierarchy of lifetime financial needs

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The Private Investor Issue 204

  • Time to engage the voice of the individual in a national debate
  • Calling all UKSA members who hold shares in Sirius Minerals
  • Board changes at UKSA – your opportunity to make a difference
  • Meeting with Sir Ewan Brown
  • Ethical or sustainable investment funds engagement
  • Inheritance tax – More ideas!
  • Changing the world of savings and investment
  • Introducing Anthony Fitzsimmons and Colm Fagan
  • Corporate culture and the share price

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