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"Lifting the lid" on the FRC - UKSA members will be attending a private meeting with the FRC on Tuesday 21st November 2017

Who audits the auditors? The Financial Reporting Council is the organisation responsible for overseeing the quality of audit work carried out by auditor. As such it plays a crucial role in helping to protect your wealth. This is a unique opportunity for members only for a direct dialogue with the FRC. The FRC, for their part, are keen to hear the views of serious individual investors.

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Redde Plc: another AIM review by UKSA

This company was born out of Helphire which hit hard times following the financial crash. It seems to be making good progress now but what business is it really in? Is it a provider of outsourced services to the insurance industry or is it a good old-fashioned car-fleet management business?

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