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Park Group claims to be “the UK’s leading multi-retailer gift voucher and prepaid gift card business.” It started in 1966 as a savings scheme for Christmas hampers and has built on that base to reach a revenue total last year of £302.5m. Cash conversion is good with a steadily increasing dividend currently yielding 3.7%. The Chief Executive talks of ‘a steady rise in billings’ but the record shows a setback in 2014 due to weakness in the retail sector. So how well is the company really performing, what is the outlook for the future and how easy is it from the accounts to follow what is really going on?

As an increasing number of private investors are now inevitably being drawn to AIM companies in which to invest their savings, a team of UKSA’s members has begun to examine selected AIM companies’ annual reports, with the objective of exposing directors’ reporting practices to public scrutiny by publishing our findings.

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