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Are Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares right for ISAs?

Chancellor George Osborne announced in the Autumn Statement that here is to be a government-led consultation on the possible opening of ISAs (individual savings accounts) to AIM stocks. The UK Shareholders’ Association will participate in this.

The proposal is probably intended as a gesture towards adding another source of capital for cash starved smaller developing businesses.

Many investors will welcome the flexibility of being able to include quality AIM companies in their ISAs. Others will be anxious that the current IHT free status of AIM shares may be changed if they are allowable in ISAs.

A separate but related matter of great concern to many investors is the woeful lack of shareholder rights suffered by all nominee account users, which include ISAs. UKSA believes that this issue should be highlighted and linked in consultations with the Government.

UKSA members are invited to contribute to the forum on this subject, to be found in the member’s section. Non-members are invited to leave their comments here (and do please consider joining UKSA to strengthen our influence on all matters affecting private investors generally). Your views are important.

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