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Persimmon has dreamed up a generous new scheme for incentivising its underpaid and overworked directors. Nice work if you can get it!

At the Persimmon General Meeting held on 17th October 72% of the shareholders voted. Of those who voted 84.92% voted in favor of the new LTIP! Are you a Persimmon share owner? Did you vote in favor? Were you asked if you wanted to vote? Were you even told that there was going to be a vote? If you do own shares in PSN and the answer is no to the last three questions, you probably are in a nominee account and are the beneficial but not the legal owner of your shares.

UKSA's view on this is here. Read previous news stories on this website to see what UKSA says about share owners being pushed into nominee accounts.

Here is the full Persimmon proposal


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