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UKSA is delighted to appear in a recent piece in The Scotsman, from Bill Jamieson, titled: Size matters ... in so many intriguing ways. Bill was recently guest speaker of the Scottish regional branch of UKSA in Edinburgh and had this to say of our organisation:

Not only does it (UKSA) provide helpful advice on how investors can buy shares in a manner that ensures entitlement to annual reports and votes at annual meetings, but it also represents private investor concerns to bodies such as the Financial Reporting Council. It also organises private investor meetings with public companies...A major campaign issue today is the establishment of shareholder committees with access to the board and a platform in annual reports, non-executive directors having been of questionable value in this regard.

UKSA appreciates Bill's support and we look forward to working with him and other media commentators in the future.

Bill's piece is available in The Scotsman online here.

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