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UKSA / ShareSoc joint response on the draft Implementing Acts relating the update of the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD) sent to the BEIS (Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy) – April 2018


by Peter Parry and Cliff Weight, April 2018



UKSA / ShareSoc joint response to the FRC revised Guidance to companies and auditors – October 2017


The FRC recently called for comments on its revised Guidance to companies and auditors on the drafting of the strategic report. The deadline for input to the consultation was the 24th October 2017. The joint response submitted by UKSA and ShareSoc can be read here .



UKSA analyses FCA Asset Management Market Study - March 2017

Also news item


by Martin White, March 2017



UKSA's Green Paper Submission – February 2017


In mid-February 2017 UKSA submitted its response to the government’s Green Paper on corporate governance to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The response to the Green Paper was developed jointly with ShareSoc.


UKSA and ShareSoc also submitted a covering letting with their Green paper response. The covering letter was designed to draw the attention of BEIS to wider executive pay and corporate governance issues which were not prompted by the Green Paper. UKSA’s covering letter can be read here .


UKSA's 2009 proposals for Shareholder Committees revisited


As the BEIS Green Paper on corporate governance reform debates the fundamentals, UKSA's 2009 proposal for shareholder committees, presented in a private member's Bill, have as much relevance as ever.



UKSA attempts to get a resolution for a shareholder committee to the RBS AGM


Progress report by Peter Parry, January 2017



UKSA's response to the FCA's mission statement


by Peter Parry, January 2017



FRC Conference: Culture to Capital


by Peter Parry, November 2016



Corporate culture. Why the sudden interest?


by Peter Parry, September 2016



Will our financial service providers talk to us?  And can we talk to each other?


by Martin White, July 2016



The EU Audit Directive and Audit Regulation – Implications for Private Shareholders

by Mohammed Amin, March 2016



Ever Closer Union?



by Roy Colbran, March 2016




UKSA Response to EU Green Paper: 'Building a Capital Markets Union', 13/05/15


UKSA delivers lucid summary of (a) policies needed to increase private investment and (b) priority areas for short term action.



UKSA Response to FRC consultation, 16/02/15


In response to the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) consultation on proposed priorities for 2015/16, UKSA draws attention to three matters of specific concern.



Custodian Issues


by Eric Chalker, March 2014
UKSA's Runnymede Declaration is informed partly by the lack of security in nominee accounts.



The Accounting Story


: an easy-to-read introduction to accounting principles
The policy team of the UK Shareholders’ Association (UKSA) has long been campaigning for the restoration of prudence to the heart of company accounting standards. We have done so in conjunction with a coalition of major institutional investors, comprising pension funds and other funds which are investing other people’s money.


UKSA’s participation has been led by Roger Collinge FCA, now retired from his profession but maintaining many contacts and using his knowledge to good effect.

While some will of course stand by the ‘fair value’ concept embraced by the International Accounting Standards Board, UKSA takes the view that the introduction of this was a major factor in allowing the banks to inflate their reported profits and subsequently destroy shareholder value. We believe changes must be made to prevent this and similar lapses in stewardship from ever happening again.

Copyright Roger Collinge & UKSA, reproduce with permission only.

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