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An Investor Approach to Sanctions

Scanning for sanctions – a necessary due diligence activity?  Paul Malone says ‘yes’.   And managing the consequences can be challenging.

Paul Malone was our speaker and facilitator for our 17th August virtual meeting.  He covered the period from early 2022 when sanctions were applied to two of his share holdings, Evraz and Polymetal.  Discussion points included:

  • Awareness of risk of sanctions in other areas of political conflict.
  • Impact of sanctions on the UK investment landscape.
  • Extent of awareness of the impact of sanctions on fund returns.
  • Potential remediation and global risk dispersal.
  • Bank and broker compliance criteria.

The recording of the meeting can be requested by emailing

A little bit about Paul: he is a retired Central London milkman, having worked in this role for 45 years. He is a small retail investor with a share portfolio constituting one leg of his pension provision. He was obliged to research shares since 2010 when the company he was working for changed from a final salary to a defined contribution scheme.

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