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The iPad has a new app. Devised by Capita Asset Services, ‘Signal documents’ enables users to download and use shareholder documents for most of Capita’s 880 stock market clients, 43% of the market.

Experienced investors from the UK Shareholders’ Association (UKSA) were consulted by Capita early in the project and again at a late stage providing advice on using the app. There is no intention of abandoning printed reports for those who want them, but ‘Signal’ will provide additional facilities for investors, which UKSA warmly welcomes. The app is now available. Search for “signal documents” on the app store to download for free to your iPad.

The app enables users to mark passages, highlight them and add notes using a soft keyboard. Once opened in ‘my documents’, reports can be handled using normal iPad features such as expanding text for readability, but there is also a very user friendly search facility and the ability to move swiftly through documents such as company reports to find the desired location. Companies can be placed on a ‘watch’ list to notify you of new documents available for download. Documents can be viewed and annotated offline once downloaded.

Following feedback from UKSA to Capita, new enhancements are on the way, including a simple explanation on how to use the app and an annotations margin.

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