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Peter Parry BA, MBA, Dip Inst M, MCIPS

Peter started his career in manufacturing industry working in South America and Europe. On returning to the UK he spent a number of years working in logistics with the National Freight Consortium (NFC) shortly after the business was bought by the employees from the government. Peter notes that experiencing change at first hand - over a very short time - from a bureaucratic culture to one that was entrepreneurial and motivating was fascinating and informs his belief in the importance of active and committed ownership.

Over the last twenty years he has worked in management consultancy, specialising in purchasing and supply chain management. He spent five years with a large international consultancy and for the last twelve years has run his own business.

Peter has been investing for over forty-five years and now has a portfolio of about 100 different holdings. He makes use of advisory services, which he finds expensive, but believes the information and advice fed to him as an experienced investor pays for itself over time.

In his spare time Peter enjoys folk music and plays both the guitar and the banjo. He also has a weakness for cars and has a 1933 MG. He adds: ‘I like cars but on any rational basis they are a complete waste money!’

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