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Eric retired from running his business in 2001 and that’s when he became an investor in equities, to supplement his pension. Having become increasingly angry at the way private shareholders were being treated in the crisis year of 2008, he joined the board of the UK Shareholders’ Association in 2009 to help do something about it. He was initially responsible for UKSA’s administration and from 2012 onwards for policy matters, stepping down from the board in 2016. He contributed significantly to much of UKSA’s published material and numerous policy initiatives.

Eric now writes a blog for the London South East website, which can be found here. Some of his posts are reproduced in 'The Private Investor' and these are listed below, together with some earlier articles written specifically for 'The Private Investor'.

February 2019 Get the minutes !
October 2018 Audit reporting – time to take control
October 2018 The Feeble Financial Reporting Council
August 2018 Current audit practice is valueless
June 2018 The scandal behind Beaufort Insecurities
January 2018 The end of share ownership?
November 2017 London South East is also a website
July 2017 To Improve Governance, First Restore Ownership
September 2016 Poor management often destroys shareholder value
May 2016 Getting to the heart of the matter
March 2016 The battle over pooled nominee accounts
March 2016 Investor rights in ISAs: what you may not know
January 2016 Achieving better corporate accountability
November 2015 A_new_venture_for_UKSA
November 2015 Recent_Campaigning_activity
September 2015 Aberdeen asset mismanagement
September 2015 Art of Defining business models
July 2015 Making the most of AGMs Part Two
July 2015 Do your company’s directors know what ‘strategy’ means?
May 2015 A new Campaigning structure for UKSA
May 2015 Making the most of AGMs
May 2015 Corporate governance


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