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We engage and cooperate with several organisations, separate to our consultation responses, mainly to improve investor consumer interests and restore the responsibilities, rights and influence for good of the individual investor. Established links include CRUF, the FRC, DBT, the IASB, the ISSB, TTF and the PEG (see Glossary).

Where appropriate, we will sometimes agree joint responses to consultations with ShareSoc.

CRUF is a forum for individual investors and analysts to engage in debates about accounting, governance and regulatory issues. It is open to anyone with a user interest in corporate reporting. A number of policy team members are signed up participants,  attend CRUF meetings regularly and contribute to its comment letters on corporate reporting related consultations. It has three subgroups: banking, insurance and ESG. Charles Henderson, our chairman, co-chairs the CRUF ESG subgroup.

The FRC is the UK’s regulator of auditing, corporate reporting and governance, which is why it will hopefully soon be renamed the Auditing, Reporting and Governance Authority (ARGA). Policy team member, Mohammed Amin, is a member of the FRC’s Stakeholder Insight Group as the one on the current published page doesn’t work]. The other FRC area we engage regularly with is the FRC Lab and its projects, which usually involve a wide range of annual report preparers, users and advisers. Board and policy team member Charles Henderson is a FRC Advisory Panellist. Charles is also a member of the Pre-emption Group (PEG), for which the FRC is secretariat.

Thanks to policy team member Peter Parry, we catch up regularly with Department for Business and Trade (DBT) on company law matters.

We also keep in touch with the international auditing, accounting and sustainability standards setters, the IAASB, IASB and ISSB. Board and policy team member Charles Henderson coordinates our quarterly annual catch up meetings with the IASB and ISSB (which are separate) if there is anything material to discuss.

The Transparency Task Force (TTF), which has some similar priorities to UKSA’s, has board and policy team member Martin White on its Advisory Group.

We work closely with Better Finance, the European Federation of Financial Services Users, particularly on matters of cross-border significance. UKSA director Helen Gibbons also serves on the board of Better Finance.

ACTION NEEDED?  Via Sue Milton, we engage with audit firms on audit and assurance issues on how these affect retail shareholders.


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