UKSA fights to save investor independence

The UK Shareholders' Association has reacted to the European Commission's latest assault on private investment.

In its press release, the Association is highly critical of proposals from the EU that would prevent private individuals from making their own independent investment decisions.

It is wrong for the Commission to prevent individuals ... from managing their own financial affairs without the involvement of any intermediary ... this is an unjustified interference with the rights of private persons

said Roy Colbran, Chairman, UK Shareholders' Association Government Policy Group.

If implemented, the proposals would force private investors to take financial advice before executing their investment strategy, regardless of the amount to be invested or the nature of the securities traded.

UKSA says its stand merits strong support at Government level and is calling on the Treasury to do this actively. It has also written to the FSA, APCIMS and Sharon Bowles MEP, chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

See the attached files for more correspondence with policy-makers.

UKSA letter to European Commission64.99 KB
Letter to Mark Hoban MP47.3 KB