UKSA (UK Shareholders' Association) is the oldest shareholder campaigning organisation in the UK. We are a not for profit company that represents and supports shareholders who invest in the UK stock market.

By lobbying Government, the Financial Reporting Council, the Financial Conduct Authority and other bodies we strive to continually improve recognition and treatment for private investors.



The UK Shareholders’ Association (UKSA) is pleased to provide access to the latest newsletter from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Read more to find the link.


DSW, the German shareholder protection association, gave a detailed account of the current situation and the means by which individual shareholders can seek redress.

There are two potentially viable routes for seeking redress:

  • in German courts by means of a ‘Model Case procedure’ under the newly reformed Capital Markets Model Case Act (KapMuG), there being no class actions in Germany;
  • in the Netherlands under the Act on Collective Settlement of Mass Damages.

Both routes are open to UK investors and can be pursued concurrently. In theory, the deadline for action is 'spring 2016'; in practice summer 2016 is more likely. The facts of the case are still fluid, VW has recently narrowed the scope of affected vehicles and a share price recovery has mitigated some holders’ potential losses.

DSW has helpfully published information in English and will keep interested parties advised of progress in the case and any approaching deadlines. Any UK-based holders of ordinary or preference shares in VW or its listed subsidiaries, as well as any other securities issued by VW, are advised to contact DSW: See also

Additional help may be available to VW investors who are UKSA members.


The UK Shareholders’ Association (UKSA) believes that the time has come to expose AIM companies’ reporting practices, good and bad, to public scrutiny. We have begun with ASOS and Ithaca Energy, top and bottom of the AIM 100.


The UK Shareholders’ Association (UKSA) wants ‘prudence’ to be fully restored as an accounting principle. The latest proposals by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) do not achieve this, so UKSA is calling upon the IASB to think again.


The traditional feast of ideas and Christmas food maintained the region's reputation for sociability and investment smarts. Next meeting for members March 1st.

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