UKSA (UK Shareholders' Association) is the oldest shareholder campaigning organisation in the UK. We are a not for profit company that represents and supports shareholders who invest in the UK stock market.

By lobbying Government, the Financial Reporting Council, the Financial Conduct Authority and other bodies we strive to continually improve recognition and treatment for private investors.



As reported in today’s Financial Times (2 December 2017) an advice scandal is brewing around the Tata Steel pension fund. Some advice firms have capitalised on pensioners’ ignorance by advising transfer into high risk funds with transparently unsuitable investment profiles, undeclared fees and undeclared conflicts of interest.


UKSA is keen to build a good relationship with the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and contribute fully to the work that it does. We believe that this is best done by developing a relationship which is based on objectivity and constructive feedback - in both directions. Sometimes that feedback is critical.


Who audits the auditors? The Financial Reporting Council is the organisation responsible for overseeing the quality of audit work carried out by auditor. As such it plays a crucial role in helping to protect your wealth. This is a unique opportunity for members only for a direct dialogue with the FRC. The FRC, for their part, are keen to hear the views of serious individual investors.


UKSA calls for independent thinkers to join us to change for the better the savings investment chain.


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