UKSA (UK Shareholders' Association) is the oldest shareholder campaigning organisation in the UK. We are a not for profit company that represents and supports shareholders who invest in the UK stock market.

By lobbying Government, the Financial Reporting Council, the Financial Conduct Authority and other bodies we strive to continually improve recognition and treatment for private investors.



Continuing its investigation into the quality of the top 100 AIM companies’ annual reports, the UK Shareholders’ Association finds uncertainties in the Abcam report and an astonishing but unexplained waste of shareholders’ money by Hargreaves Services’ directors.


“It is time institutional investors took a firmer grip on buyout mania.” So wrote John Plender, a senior Financial Times writer, in a recent article to be found at under ‘buyout mania’.


Shareholders are starting to wake up to one of the more crass aspects of performance targets for directors’ pay. Thomas Cook highlights a regulatory failure already seen with Persimmon.


Persimmon has announced an acceleration of its Capital Return Plan, but shockingly, made no mention of the resulting acceleration of zero-cost options now estimated to be worth £500million to management. The Finance Director alone will receive £72million.


If Tissue Regenix Group is to survive it will soon need more cash. Despite share price performance since listing on Nasdaq, GW Pharmaceuticals directors appear to have been overpaid.


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